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With last week's serious take on whether there is an answer to world peace, this week I decided to be take a lighter look at the weird events that have been occurring across the world.

From an American Swiss Cheese pervert to a racist Japanese airline advert, alongside the world's bad news that seems to always lead the headlines on the TV news in the newspaper, there is also strange and humorous events that are always occurring to catch our attention. ... Read more »
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We are two thirds through the January transfer window and have only ten days left for clubs to make their statements for the rest of the seasons.

Disappointingly their has been considerably less activity than we would hope, especially considering the top 6 is probably the tightest we have seen for a long time and their is only 6 points separating the bottom elven teams.

But some teams have come out of the gate and made their intentions for the rest of the season clear with the paying of hard cash for permanent moves rather than loans. ... Read more »
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Having lived in two of the most renowned 'benefit streets' in my area, I would consider myself to be more qualified to comment than a lot of the politicians and other individuals that have been loudly expressing opinions on the new channel 4 series Benefit Street.

The series is an honest true reflection of some off Britain's working / non-working class and should be utilized by us to seriously develop some real solutions, such as working for benefits, to the issues that are highlighted. ... Read more »
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After his whitewash of Ricky Walden, it would take a brave man to bet against Ronnie O'Sullivan going all the way and winning the Masters Tournament on Sunday.

Meanwhile Superbowl and Premier League fans will be also be looking to Sunday with key games from the NFL and the big clash at Stamford Bridge. ... Read more »
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With this being only the 5th blog I've written for the Ultimate Blog., it is perhaps a little early to draw any proper conclusions, but I think it's important that the progress and development of the USS business is properly logged and made available for comment from day 1. ... Read more »
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As we start another year of the 21st century, we look around and the story in respect of measuring World Peace is just the same. Whether it be international wars or local unrest the abundance of violence throughout the world is apparent on a daily basis.

Since 1945, the United Nations, including it's 5 permanent members of its Security Council (the US, Russia, China, France, and the UK) have worked to resolve conflicts without war or declarations of war. but we only need to get our daily intake of news stories to see the inadequacy of our efforts.

Here in January 2014, religious wars, civil political wars and local unrest based on racism/nationalism are prevalent throughout the world and on our own door-step. Therefore should we all take more individual and collective responsibility to striving for a World peace answer or is there simply just not one. ... Read more »
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Just 13 days of stopping smoking, I'm certainly not going to preach to anyone or even claim success. Surprisingly I have found it easier than expected, considering 25 years of smoking cigarettes and or tobacco. But of course I have come up against some obstacles and have been seriously tempted to run to the shop etc. ... Read more »
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With what seems to be a never-ending continual stream of stories regarding our under performing men around the world, it certainly is refreshing to comment on the British women that are turning out some outstanding results. ... Read more »
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Anybody that knows me, will identify with the fact that although I am committed and hard-working, frequently I just don't follow through with things right until the end. Hence,
I am not recognized as one for making and keeping New Year Resolutions because they are often considered as mundane and pointless. 

BUT 2014 is something that is just totally different.  ... Read more »
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